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[ National park visitors added $26.5 billion to economy in 2013 ]

In a study released July 18, the National Park Service (NPS) announced that its network of parks and other public lands


[ Take action: Forest Service must keep snowmobile use safe and sustainable ]

As it is currently written, the Forest Service’s proposed over-snow vehicle (OSV) rule allows individual fo


[ Love wilderness? This video will make you want to protect it. ]

A new video produced by This American Land celebrates the 50th anniversary of a piece of legislation that has given Americans their strongest tool for protecting wildlands: The Wilderness Act.


[ Where moon-bound Apollo crews trained: our otherworldly wildlands ]

In 1969, landing on the moon was a truly paradigm-shifting achievement–a real “first” both for the American public and NASA.


[ Q&A: The First-Ever Expedition to Turkmenistan’s “Door to Hell” ]

Go along with explorer George Kourounis as he becomes the first person known to venture into Turkmenistan’s fiery, gas-fueled Darvaza Crater.

[ Action needed to protect the Arctic Ocean from oil and gas drilling ]

The push to drill for offshore oil in the Arctic Ocean never seems to end, despite the potential for a catastrophic oil spill by an industry that has not proved itself capable of operating safely in Alaska’s cold, stormy and remote seas.


[ Latino youth tour visits Moab, learns about lands threatened by oil and gas ]

The tour, led by partner group the Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF), kicked off in our Denver office July 11 after seven Latino students arrived from colleges around the country.


[ America’s best kept secrets: 15 best wild beaches ]

Public beaches can sometimes be crowded, noisy places. But beaches in wilderness areas can be incredibly peaceful.


[ Bad news for conservation: budget bill advances in House ]

The fiscal year 2015 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill contains more than 30 anti-conservation policy provisions, undercutting current funding levels despite modest incre


[ Conservation pays: $360 billion, 2 million jobs from Dept. of Interior land in 2013 ]

The contribution of public lands managed by the Interior Department’s various branches, including national parks, wildlife refuges, monuments and wilderness areas, is s