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[ Conservation Groups Applaud Release of Moab Master Leasing Plan ]

Anastasia Greene


[ New “Carbon Tracker” a step forward in accounting for harmful pollution ]

A new report released from Carbon Tracker Initiative focuses on what the future federal coal program could look like, if the country were to meet its goals under


[ Utah lands bill misses the mark and fails to include consensus ideas ]

Michael Reinemer

The Utah Public Lands Initiative Act (PLI) introduced today by Utah Congressman Rob Bishop fails to recognize the areas of agreement reached between conservation groups, the state of Utah, counties, and other stakeholders that many places containing unsurpassed beauty, recreational opportunities

[ Advancing Conservation and Education Act is a win for kids and conservation ]

Michael Reinemer

Congressmen Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Jared Polis (D-Colo.) introduced legislation to improve land management and enhance education revenue in the western United States. 

[ Bears Ears Region and the Public Lands Initiative: Time for a National Monument ]

Michael Reinemer

It is time for the President to protect the Bears Ears National Monument. That proposal will be focus of a July 16 public meeting [LINK to DOI announcement] in Bluff, Utah.

[ How George Washington Carver National Monument became the first to honor an African American ]

In 1943, Congress dedicated George Washington Carver’s boyhood home near Diamond, Missouri as a national monument to celebrate his influence on agriculture in the early 19th century,


[ Guest blog: Pro skier Caroline Gleich on why we need to protect Bears Ears ]

Caroline Gleich is a professional skier, mountaineer, all-around outdoor adventurer and conservationist in Salt Lake City, Utah.

[ Veteran: Public lands are a lifeline for servicemembers ]

Sean Gobin is the founder and executive director of Warrior Expeditions. This post appears in the print edition of The Wilderness Society’s Summer 2016 newsletter. 

[ Southern Utah conservation public meeting shows Obama Administration’s commitment to an open and public process in Utah ]

Taryn Cordani

[ Wilderness Society Media Resources ]

Michael Reinemer

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