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[ New report sheds light on the emissions coming from public lands ]

When The Wilderness Society looked at fossil fuels from federal lands earlier this year, we revealed a blind spot in the nation’s efforts to address global


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[ Five takeaways from this year’s Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas ]

Hundreds of people interested in the future of clean energy gathered in Las Vegas recently to join discussions and hear thoughts from President Obama as part the 8th annual Clean Energy Summit.


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[ Wilderness Society Praises Senator Cantwell for Focus on Wildfire ]

Michael Reinemer

Senator Cantwell, the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has scheduled a hearing in Seattle on August 27 to examine wildfire issues.


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[ Some of Colorado’s wildest places may still be at risk ]

While one northwest Colorado plan does not do enough to protect wildlands, a neighboring management plan highlights how the agency can adopt new practices to protect and preserve wild areas.


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[ REPORTER MEMO: Alaska Public Lands and Arctic Ocean ]

Tim Woody

When President Obama visits Alaska at the end of August, climate change will be a key focus of his trip. The Wilderness Society developed the following memo to provide a brief primer on key Alaska public lands where the effects of climate change can already be seen.

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Green Tip of the Summer

With the summer air starting to heat up, people’s first response is to turn on the air conditioning. Unfortunately, air conditioners accounts for 14 percent of America’s home electricity use, and most of that electricity comes from coal. Investing in an energy efficient air conditioner is one effective way to conserve energy in the summer time. New air conditioners come labeled with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), a standard that lets you calculate how much electricity the air conditioner will consume. An important aspect to know about the EER is that the higher the rating, the LESS it will cost to operate the appliance to achieve the same level of cooling. By sustainably changing how you cool your house, you will help America conserve energy and save yourself money in the process!

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