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[ 6 Facts About Net-Zero Buildings ]

6 Facts About Net-Zero Buildings

The House on the Bay is a solar-powered net-zero home designed by Italian architect Andrea Ponsi / Inhabitat


In the US, buildings account for a whopping 70% of our electricity consumption and roughly 40% of carbon emissions – that’s more than either the transportation or industry sectors! Of course, buildings don’t have tailpipes like cars do, so this fact might not be obvious, but the electricity it takes to heat, cool and light buildings usually comes from a coal or gas-fired power plant.

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[ Trick or treat, bats bring us lots to eat! ]

Trick or treat, bats bring us lots to eat!

Pallid Bat / Merlin D. Tuttle


By Micaela Jemison of EarthShare member Bat Conservation International

When October rolls around many people start to think of bats as keeping company with witches and ghosts. But in reality, bats have a lot more to do with the foods of Halloween, like candy corn, than the spooky spirit of the holiday.

Bats provide important pest control services for many of our agricultural crops including, walnuts, almonds, rice, chocolate, and coffee.

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[ Solar energy on public lands: Are we where we need to be yet? ]

Three years ago, the Bureau of Land Management designated low-conflict areas for solar energy development on public lands in the Southwest through its Western Solar Plan.


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[ Wilderness Society Supports California Desert and Coastal Conservation Bills ]

Michael Reinemer

The Wilderness Society has issued the following statement from Dan Smuts, Senior Regional Director for California:

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[ American Energy Innovation Act provides next steps to combat climate change ]

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Green Tip of the Season

As we gear up for fall & winter, people begin to prepare for the impending snow and ice by buying rock salts to melt ice away from driveways and sidewalks.  In the United States alone, over 20 million tons of salts are tossed on the road each winter, more than 13 times the amount used by the ENTIRE food processing industry and while effective, salt can be very damaging and expensive to remove.  Not only can the salt cause rust on cars, it can also create runoff which can kill plants, seep into streams & drinking water, and also cause damage to lawns & roads over time.  Try to use more environmentally friendly alternatives such as calcium chloride, sand, or cat litter to melt away snow and ice.  They are just as effective as road salt and do not have a negative impact on the environment as salt can. 

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Bag them (whole or broken down) to use as a weed barrier in the spring